Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Will I ever race again?

As an adult, my first race was a 2002 5-miler in a 4th of July festival. It was 90 degrees and I ran it in 42 minutes. My last race was last August in a half-marathon on the trails here in Timmins. I ran it in 1:32, but was hurting the whole race.

Now, I'm hurting when I don't even run. 2008 was a year of high mileage on a bad left leg. I still don't know what the problem is with it, but it's too weak to run on very much.

At 43, in 2003, I shattered all my expectations and BQd for the first of 6 times. It's difficult for me now to imagine the zeal for running I had back then. In Sept, 2003, I ran a sub 38:00 10K and was certain I'd run way under 3:00 in a marathon within a year or so.

At age 48 I ran the highest mileage I'd ever done and my body started breaking down along with my running spirit. By now, I'm just hoping to get my healthy legs back for a racing season. But I know it's iffy.

At the Runner's World site there are so many excited runners in their first 2-3 years of competing. I remember that time well. Running seemed to be all that mattered and I loved it. Everyone deserves the joy I got out of my early years running. It frustrated me to see how troubled some were at not BQing. I don't believe any non-elite runner expects to marathon very well when they first lace up. It's an unfolding of the body's hidden potential.

Have a good running year everyone. I hope I can join you.

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