Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Progress Report

Today I went to the sports medicine clinic for the first time. My trainer, "Rob" seemed to know what he was doing expertly testing and examining me.

The conclusion (for now): my back is messed up. I knew that, but the MRI showed otherwise. Rob could see the imbalance of muscle on my back. As far as the weak left leg goes: it's not really weak, yet is an inch smaller in circumference. BUT...it does not have good reflexes and shows many signs of nerve blockage. I can strengthen it for now, which will help.

Ultimately the neurological testing will show where the problem lies and how it might be treated. Then, it might be possible to resume normal training if I can get back some of the muscle tone and feeling back. It could also help with the back.

So at least I have a plan. I'll keep with the 4-mile runs until I get going with the therapy. But after that I should be able to train.

Who knows, maybe the absence of pain will motivate me to make a run for another Boston!

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