Sunday, February 24, 2008

Am I a Runner? (from RW forum)

Running is something you do. If you do it with a goal, whether it be a time, distance, weight or a state of mind then feel free to call yourself a runner. Not that it matters. Really, the distinctions, like elite, talented, competitve, legit, are all of no use without a specific contextual purpose.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lately, I've been watching "House MD" a lot. I owe this to my sister, Cindy, who asked for Season 1 DVD as a Christmas gift upon my return from Korea. I complied, never having seen the program ( in Korea it was aired on Armed Forces Network but my last year at the university we didn't get it). Once I moved to Canada, I began to watch the Mystery Network on cable. Well, any show about an MD that's on a mystery station intrigues me. I'm not a big TV viewer, but I've always been a fan of "Law and Order," "L&O Criminal Intent," and now House. Maybe it's because the main characters are around my age. Hugh Laurie and Vincent D'Onofrio were both born the year I was (1959)and I enjoy seeing displays of professional virtuosity woven through a good plot.

Myself....well I'm a PhD.(my relatives always tease me for my lack of a lucrative credential), but as a composer/scholar, I'm as ostracised as House and Goren by those who think me presumptuous or condescending. That's what I like about running: you are what you do--no pretence. I'll run with anyone. A shared run is a wonderful thing.

Monday, February 18, 2008

This has got to be the world's most boring blog!

But....I'm blaming it on the weather. If it isn't -15 out, it's snowing like crazy. All I can do is run indoors and whine. Sorry. So it's still 7-8 treadmill miles each day at speeds varying according to workout intensity.

In a month, we'll be tropical for a week. But this weather is really nasty. I thought Minneapolis was cold. Oh well, I'm running strong.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I have a seven-week string of 50-58 mpw on the treadmill...actually one week it warmed enough to run 16 miles on the slushy streets. Some days are easy, others hillwork, yet others tempo. But nearly every run is around an hour, which approaches my threshold of tolerance on the treadmill.

I've yet to take a rest day in 2008; they really don't seem necessary unless I'm going long, and even then I don't feel much better after taking them. So I'm a bit of a streaker, though travel makes the TWW type of 2,000-day streaks impossible. Also, I don't see how anyone can run the day after a marathon without hurting themselves.

Runner's World Forum on counting warm-up miles:
They should absolutely be counted. In my mind, even the half-mile run to work or the bus should be counted. If you get hurt, lose or gain weight, buy shoes, feel tired or extra fresh, PR or DNF, it's all in the record.

I always say this: recording miles is not solely a running "self-esteem" builder, it's tracking the cause of an effect to be seen later, good or bad.

I'm still out of work here. But I've got a contact who knows a lot of folks at the college and high schools here and insists she can help get me a teaching post. Fortunately, the DW has a nice job and my work is a suppliment. I've also resumed working on my classical guitar playing. I need new strings!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Last year I kept trying to run on a high-pain hip inflamation and wound up having spasms.

Since I had no insurance at the time, I read up and concluded that total rest was indicated (Noakes). After two weeks, I walked. Then walk-ran. Four weeks later, I was able to run regularly again at a cautious pace.

I hated not running. Then again, walking was painful due to my trying to run too soon. So you might want to drop any spring race plans and give yourself time to heal. Since you've been running 25 years it's not likely a biomechanical problem that needs fixing. Just something VERY aggravated due to attempts to run without adequate recovery time.

It took me two months to regain my conditioning, but the pain has been gone for a year now. Good luck!

No real news from Timmins, but who doesn't want to see Uno win the big one?

Friday, February 8, 2008

My views on dieting while training...
You will be a better marathoner if you weigh less.
Starvation diets while training are foolish.

But unless you're running way over 60mpw, you should eat when hungry, but not to excess...and avoid fatty foods.
My PR was at a higher weight than some others, but only 5 pounds(and the course and weather were perfect). I was using training as an excuse to eat like a pig--the running had become a crutch.

But your joints will receive less of a jolt if there is less weight on your body. I just cut out a few foods and snacking and dropped 15 pounds(treating an injury) with the same mileage. I still eat a lot.

But again, no starvation...<1000 calories...we need the fuel.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I can't decide weather to run a full of half marathon in May. Right now, I'm stuck inside on the TM due to weather. By mid-march, I should be able to go longer outside. With a few long runs I might be able to run a fast 26.2, as I've been running 50 mpw all winter. But 8 weeks of long runs seems insufficient. I suppose I should wait until the fall. But I feel in such goood shape now...what do you think?

Friday, February 1, 2008

And what about body hair? Is every guy who poses for RW or just about anything fitness-related FULLY WAXED?
I guess a "fit male" looks 12...(not that women haven't had to deal with this youth issue for decades)..
RW...if you want me, I'm here. But no wax!!!